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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Wisdom and Patience

One of the characteristics of a wise man is patience. Such a person understands the value of taking the appropriate time to make a decision. He is never forced into making a decision because of circumstances. You see decisions made in a haste often result in mistakes. Those decisions are generally made based on fear of an unwanted outcome or missed opportunity. However a child of God ought to live by faith and therefore does not operate by fear - Isa 28:16.

In 1 Sam 30:6-8. David was faced with a significant challenge. His men were thinking about stoning him because they had lost their families and all their possessions. David responded by strengthening himself and inquiring from God in order to find out the next steps. He could have responded in a haste in the face of such hostility but he chose to be patient in order receive instruction from God.

Friend you will be faced with choices that will attempt to force you into a hasty decision. You must resist the temptation to decide before. Take the time you need in order to access the divine wisdom of God. As a result you will make better decisions.

Have an exceptional day!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Let the past remain in the past

Your past can be a hinderance to the glorious future that God has planned for you, if you allow it. You cannot afford to wallow in past defeats and allow those defeats to stop you from making progress. Remember that you an overcomer - 1 John 5:4; you are destined to win. Defeats don't define you. Rather turn them around into learning opportunities.  

Likewise you cannot afford to let the celebration of past victories to cause stagnation in your life. Thank God for the successes that you have had in the past. However there is much more that God has in store for you. If you refuse to move past your past successes then your ability to win more battles in the future is compromised.

Apostle Paul set the example. He chose to keep forging ahead rather stay in the past - Php 3:13. He knew that greater things lay ahead that what he had already experienced. Likewise you must not stop pressing in and pressing on so that you can lay hold of that glorious future that God has planned for you. Forget those things that have happened in your past so that you can claim new victories. 

Have an exceptional day!