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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Your Status as a Solution Provider

According to Pro 18:16, your God-given gift when properly deployed will enable you to walk in favor, and great men will be drawn to you.

However in order to properly deploy your gifts, you need to invest in personal development. You must develop your gifts by educating yourself along the lines of your gifts. You must also exercise or use your gifts frequently. Thirdly, you must be in the right environment so that your gifts can develop in the right context.

Friend, each is us has been given gifts by God - Eph 4:7. These gifts were given to us in order to serve our generation. Our gifts are meant for us to solve our generation's issues. As you utilize these gifts appropriately, you will become a solution provider, and people will seek you.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Celebrate Your Assignment

In Gal 2:8, Apostle Paul was saying that the same God who worked with Peter in his assignment also worked with Paul to accomplish his assignment. Friend every God-given assignment is important to God. God is ready, willing and able to work with you to accomplish your assignment.

However you must refuse to be intimidated by the assignment of others. Apostle Paul lived at a time when it was not popular to minister to non-Jews. He could have felt that his assignment was inferior to the assignepment of others. Rather he magnified his office.

Settle it in your mind today. Your assignment is important to God and to your generation. If this was not true, you would not have been created. So live your life like you have an important mission. Don't be distracted or discouraged by the views or comments of others. As you celebrate and prioritize your assignment, others will eventually celebrate your results.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Hold onto Your Dream

Joseph was seventeen years old when he had a dream that He will one day be a ruler. This dream did not come into manifestation until he was thirty years old - Gen 41:46. By that time thirteen years had passed.

In that thirteen year interval, Joseph was thrown into a pit and sold into slavery by his brothers. He ran his slave masters household but was eventually imprisoned for a crime that he did not commit. In prison he was given responsibilities for leading the prison. In the same prison he met the chief baker and the chief butler. He helped both of them by interpreting their dreams.

However the chief butler forgot about Joseph. The chief butler finally remembered Joseph when no one else in the kingdom could interpret Pharaoh's dream. Joseph was then invited into the presence of Pharaoh. He interpreted Pharaoh's dream and was elevated supernaturally to be Prime Minister.

Through all those years from the pit to slavery and to the prison, in the natural, it did not seem like Joseph's dream was coming to pass. However God was working things out such that Joseph was being positioned for supernatural promotion. At every stage of his life, Joseph was being prepared to become Prime Minister.

He was developing the character, tenacity, wisdom and people skills that he will need to succeed as Prime Minister. Even though it did not look like it, every step he took brought him closer to fulfilling his God-given dream. His focus remained on God and He believed that God would do what He said He would do.

Whatever God has promised you, He will do. God is not man that He will lie - Num 23:19. He is faithful to do what He said He would do - Isa 55:11 and 1 Th 5:24. Your life may not look like your dream right now. But be encouraged and stay steadfast. Prioritize your relationship with God and believe in His word. You are merely going through a phase on the way to your manifestation. What God said about you will truly come to pass.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Go for God's Superior Wisdom

God knows every detail about you. He knows what it takes for you to fulfill the purpose for which He created you. The best route to accomplishing all that you were created to do is the route that God has pre-determined. However in order to discover this route and the details associated with it you must be committed to developing and maintaining an intimate relationship with God.

You develop an intimate relationship with God by spending time with Him continually; during prayer, while you are reading and meditating on the Word, etc. It is in these moments that God begins to direct your paths - Pro 3:6. Another important factor in being directed by God is that you must consciously seek God's guidance rather than pursue a path independent of God.

As great as your wisdom is it is limited. God is the only source of unlimited wisdom. Allow Him to guide you into good success by yielding to His wisdom and allowing Him to guide your paths.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's time for your light to shine!

Jesus called you the light of this world, the salt of this earth; He said of the church body, "you are a city built upon a hill that cannot be hidden". If you examine the characteristic of light, salt and a city on a hill you realize that they cannot be easily covered up. Additionally light and salt change any environment that they are found in. This is what Jesus expects of you; that you will be a strong influence on your generation.

There is so much ability resident in you by virtue of your status as a child of God. These gifts and abilities were meant to be expressed for the benefit of your generation. You can limit the expression of these gifts and abilities by associating with the wrong people. You must guard that light that is inside you with diligence. Don't allow the darkness to overshadow the light in you.

The word communion used in 2 Cor 6:14 is from the Greek word koinonia which means deep friendship. While you are called to love your neighbors, you must ensure that you protect your destiny. You don't need friends or partners that will bring darkness into your life and hinder you on your path to fulfill your purpose. Make a commitment to associate rightly so that the light in you can be freely expressed.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Choose Friends Who Keep You Sharp

In Pro 27:17, the influence that a man has over his friend is likened to the process of sharpening a knife edge. You see in order to sharpen a knife edge, a sharpening tool made of the same material is used. This tool is then used to rub against the knife edge repeatedly until the edge is sharpened. Over the useful life of that knife this process may be repeated several times in order for the knife to retain its sharpness.

Similar to the process of knife sharpening, the attitude, beliefs, behaviors, etc. of your friend has an impact on your attitude, beliefs, behaviors, etc. A real friend is not a cheerleader. Rather a real friend will support you when needed and will challenge your actions when you veer off course. You must deliberately seek and remain committed to those friendships that enhance you and encourage you to fulfill your purpose. You must resist those friendships that cause you to veer off the path to fulfilling your purpose.

Your purpose is too important to put it at risk because of sentiments or attachments to the wrong kind of friend. Examine your friendships regularly to ensure that you are surrounded by God-ordained friends; friends who will encourage you on the path to fulfilling destiny and not cause you to stumble.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Remain Committed to Your Assignment

The Bible records in Acts 10:38 that Jesus was anointed by God with the Holy Spirit and consequently with power. This anointing was for a purpose. Further in Acts 10:38, it is recorded that Jesus went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed of the devil, for God was with Him. It is clear that Jesus understood that the anointing upon Him was not just for Him but it was for Him to complete His assignment; He remained focus on His assignment.

When you become born again, after accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior, your spirit was recreated and the Holy Spirit began to dwell in your spirit - Jn 14:16-17 & 1 Jn 4:4. The Holy Spirit embodies the power of God. God knew that for you to accomplish all that He has called you to do, you will need the Holy Spirit. Furthermore according to 1 Jn 2:20, you have an anointing from God by virtue of the Holy Spirit.

This gift of the Holy Spirit and the subsequent anointing is not just for your personal life. They have been given to you so that you can accomplish your assignment. However in order to maximize the power and anointing of God, you must remain focused and dedicated to your assignment. Jesus did not detour from His assignment. he stayed the course in spite of temptations and potential distractions. It was clear to all those who were around Him that He was on a mission to fulfill His destiny - Luk 2:49. Make a commitment to stay focused on your assignment and with the help of the Holy Spirit, you will accomplish all that you we called to do.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Release the Creative Ability of God in You

Jesus came so that you and I can have the life of God abundantly - Jn 10:10. A translation says that so that we may have this life to an overflowing measure. This life is the God-kind of life. This life comes with what we need to accomplish the assignment that we have been given.

In the God-kind of life is the same creative ability that is responsible for the creation of this world. This was evident in Adam before he fell. In Gen 1:26-28 God created man in His own image, and breathed life into man. Then God gave Adam the responsibility to name all the animals. Adam was able to name the animlas by tapping into the creative ability that had been infused into him as a result of receiving the God-kind of life. When Adam sinned he got disconnected from God and his creative ability was severely limited.

Thank God that Jesus came to restore man back to right standing with God. When you and I became born again we received an infusion of the life of God in our spirits. Because of this we now have access to the creative ability of God. This ability is necessary to live out our purposes and finish the work we have been called to do. So as you go about living your purpose be conscious of the creative ability in you.

Stir up yourself in spiritual things. Be committed to reading the word, prayer and fasting, etc. As you do these you are making the creative ability and power of God available to deal with situations on a continuous basis.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Choose Your Friends Wisely

There is a company for your destiny. None of us was created to function as an island. In order to fulfill your destiny you will need to associate rightly. For example when Peter and John were released, they gathered together with their companions to pray for boldness in the face of opposition - Acts 4:23-31.

There are gifts that God has placed in others which are meant to complement your gifts. There are experiences that others have gone through which are meant to enable you avoid certain mistakes. There are ideas that others have which are meant to enhance your ideas. If you don't find your company you will miss out on all of this.

Once you have find your company you must respect those relationships. You must also ensure that you evaluate your relationships on a regular basis. Here are examples of some questions that you can ask yourself? Is there anything missing? Are those still the right relationships? Is there anyone in your circle whose relationship with you is no longer contributing to your destiny? Is there anyone in your company that you can still look up to?

According to Pro 13:20, if you are surrounded with wise men their wisdom will rub off on you. However if you are surrounded by fools their foolishness will also rub off on you. Therefore the quality of your company is an important factor in determining how much progress you make in fulfilling your destiny. So choose your company wisely.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Diligence and Success

According to Pro 22:29 the reward for being diligent in your business is audience with great men. This audience with great men is a representation of success. Therefore diligence is rewarded with success. The word business in Pro 22:29 refers your work or assignment. Hence if you are committed, disciplined and excellent in the area of your purpose and gifts then you will enjoy success - Pro 21:5 and Pro 10:4.

So you already have all that you need for your success in life. God created with a purpose in mind and gave you gifts that are require to fulfill that purpose. You must discover your purpose as you spend time in God's presence, and discover, develop, and deploy your gifts along the path of fulfilling your purpose. Then you will enjoy success. Your success will cause you to be in demand by great men. You will be celebrated.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Stay Committed to Your Assignment

Apostle Paul was declaring in 2 Ti 4:7 that he has completed the assignment that God called him unto. He remained faithful to the call upon his life and finished his race. Paul also referred to fighting the good fight. This was a reference to all the temptations that he faced to quit, be distracted or to run another race entirely.

You see you will always face potential distractions on the path to fulfilling your God-given purpose. These distractions will attempt to derail you. In order to be able to declare success as Paul did, you must be committed to our purpose irrespective of the situation and the environment.

Fill yourself up with the Word to strengthen your spirit man, and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you. As you do these you will be able to resist every attempt to distract you off your course. Then at the end of it all you will say, "I have completed my assignment on earth".

Friday, February 8, 2013

Set Yourself Up For Success

It is going to take more than you to fulfill your purpose. God will cause you to come in contact with people who can help guide you onto the right path. But you must first recognize and acknowledge the importance of wise counsel.

According to Pro 15:22, many people will fail in the fulfillment of purpose until they are surrounded by wise counselors. You may have already discovered your purpose or you may already be walking on the path to fulfilling that purpose. Howeve there are many challenges along the way that will require skillful navigation in order to overcome.

This is where wise counselors can aid. They are able to see what you are not able to see and don't have the biases and emotional attachments that you may have. By leveraging the wisdom of counselors you are able to amplify your efforts and avoid their errors. This enables you to walk a more secure path towards fulfilling your purpose.

Ensure that you have the right mentors. Go to them regularly and share what God has laid on your heart. Pay attention to their words of counsel doing. In so doing you are setting up yourself for success in fulfilling your purpose.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Document Your Vision

Hab 2:2.

You must have a vision for your life. Your vision must be aligned with your purpose. Your vision gives a direction to your life and endeavors.

This vision must also be well documented so that there is clarity about it. Many people have missed out on accomplishing what they set out to do because they forgot or were missing details of their vision. The documentation of your vision enables you to go back to it over and over again. Therefore it is easier to measure progress.

Invest in a pen and a notepad or keep your smartphone/laptop nearby. This will ensure that you are ready to document details of your vision as they are revealed to you. Then you can run with the vision.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Vision, your roadmap to success

Vision is akin to a roadmap. Just like a driver uses a roadmap - electronic or paper - to chart a course, likewise your God-given vision is meant to be your navigational aid in life.

Without a vision for your life, you will lack direction and ultimately live a life that falls short of God's best for you. Pro 29:18 KJV says that the people perish without vision. The NKJV says that the people cast off restraints. Pro 29:18 is simply saying that when there is no vision people will live aimless wasted lives. An aimless or wasted life might as well not exist, hence the scripture says that the people perish. An aimless or wasted life is a life that is or was lived contrary to God's plan and purpose.

God who created you is the source of your purpose. There is no manufacturer who creates a product without a purpose for it. So if you want to know the purpose of a thing then go to the manufacturer. If you want to know how to best utilize the product then go to the manufacturer's manual for the product.

God is ready to reveal His purpose for your life. You must spend time in His presence to discover your purpose. Then spend time in the Bible, the manual for your life. As you devote your time to both of these, God will inspire visions for your life that will enable you to reach major milestones on the way to fulfilling your purpose.

Make a Commitment To Your Assignment

Jesus was speaking in Jn 4:34. He was expressing His commitment to His God-given assignment. Jesus likened His assignment to the body's commitment to food. Jesus was saying that just like the body cannot be sustained without food, His life was dependent on fulfilling His purpose.

You see if you and I would be just as committed or even more committed to our God-given assignment as our bodies are to food then we will live purposeful lives. This is the challenge that I issue to you today. Make a commitment to live the life that God set you apart for. Be committed to completing your assignment.

Your total commitment to your assignment pleases God - Mt 17:5. And it will be said of you at the end of time that you served your generation - Acts 13:36.