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Monday, December 31, 2012

Steadfast Prayer

Col 4:2.

God expects us to be steadfast, consistent, perseverant, consistent, unwavering, and diligent in the place of prayer. As we pray we must be alert actively engaged in the prayer and have a thankful heart. This is the right way to show up in the place of prayer.

The breakthrough that we desire and the transformation that we week will manifest as we continue in prayer. You must learn to exercise your authority consistently in the place of prayer.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Effective Prayer

Acts 4:25.

In Acts 4:25 and beyond, the Bible lets us know that David understood the will of God. He was able to see into the future, and know God's plans and what was to happen concerning Jesus. This made His prayer life more effective.

It is important to know the will of God before praying. God's will is contained in His Word. Spend time in the Word of God before praying so that you pray out the will of God.

Friday, December 28, 2012

God's System of Reward

Mt 6:6.

There is a way to divinely position yourself for open rewards. The Bible charges us to ensure that we are not praying just to be seen. You see if we pray to be seen then our reward will stop at the admiration of men. But God wants to reward us much more than that.

So ensure that your motives for praying are pure and not self seeking. And God who sees you pray in secret will reward you so much that others will notice. This is how to position yourself for open reward.

Working out God's Plans

Pro 19:21.

Irrespective of the plans in a man's heart, God's purpose will prevail.

You and I have many plans. Unless these plans are aligned with the will of God they are bound to lead to failure. It is only God's plans that stand in the fullness of time. God's plans are accompanied by the provision of all that is needed for them to come to pass

So rather than work out your own plans, spend time in God's presence downloading His plans and understanding His purpose. Then work out His plans. One of the ways that you work out His plans is praying those plans into manifestation.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Agents of God's Plans

Luk 2:37.

Prophetess Anna was sold out to the plans of God. She dedicated her life to praying and fasting in the temple.

God desires such commitment and dedication from us. You see God placed us in charge of our planet by placing us in dominion over the earth. Before God can do anything on this earth, He requires a man or woman who will call on Him in the place of prayer. This allows Him to bring His will to pass on the earth.

It's time for you and I to take our place in prayer in order to birth the plans of God for the earth.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Take Your Rightful Place in Dominion

Mt 21:19.

In the beginning God created man to have dominion over the earth and all that is in it - Gen 1:28. God placed man in charge of this planet. Man gave up this right to dominion to the enemy when Adam committed the first sin. Thank God that Christ came up to restore us back to a right standing with God - Gal 3:13. We now have that right to dominion again.

Christ illustrated this to His disciples in Mt 21:19. We have the ability to shape our world through our words. So start creating your world consistent with the Word of God.

As we celebrate the birth of our Savior today, let's remember that He came not just for us to accept Him but also for us to live a victorious life on earth.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Thanksgiving, the Response to Faith

Col 2:7.

Paul's charge to the church was that they should become established in Christ, the Word. Once they do this, they will build faith. And faith will eventually lead to an overflow of Thanksgiving.

You see a man or woman standing in faith believes he/she has received. This is why Thanksgiving is the response to faith.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Let God win Your Battles

2 Ch 20:4.

King Jehosaphat was faced with a situation that seemed insurmountable. Those who were against him were much more than those on his side based on what he could see. But Jehosaphat knew something. He knew that if he went to God, he would know what to do in order to emerge victorious from this situation. Jehosaphat received instructions from God on what to do, and he obeyed God's instructions. And the Bible records that God fought the battle on his behalf. Jehosaphat won the battle because God showed up in His situation.

God wants to win our battles for us. But we must acknowledge Him, and seek His instructions. And as we follow His instructions, we will enjoy sweatless victories.

Friend of God

Gen 18:23.

Abraham had such a great relationship with God. This is evidenced by how he was able to approach God on behalf of others in Gen 18:23.

As the righteous we are part of God's family. It is our responsibility to develop our relationship with God. It is also expected of us to intercede on behalf of loved ones and pray them into the Kingdom. Abraham our father in the faith set the example for us to follow.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Trust in God

Mt 19:26.

Jesus was instructing His disciples to trust in God and not in natural abilities or relationships. Men on their own without God are limited. But when you factor in the unlimited power of God what seemed impossible is now possible.

Learn to take all situations to God. And the God of possibilities will cause those things to work out for your good by His power.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Time to Rest

Mk 6:46.

Jesus sent his disciples and went to pray. He needed to spend some time in retreat to recharge, refire and refill.

It is important for you and I to take time out of our schedules to rest in God's presence. There are many things that God intends to do in our lives but because we are so busy sometimes we miss out on hearing from Him or getting that refill of His anointing and power needed for the assignment ahead.

So take time and refill in order to be refired and recharged for the tasks ahead.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Learn to Thank God in All Things

Php 4:6. 

Worry and anxiety are enemies of progress. They are an expression of doubt in God's ability to deliver you out of a situation. Paul encouraged the church to take their specific requests to God in the place of prayer and to top it off with Thanksgiving. Before that he told them to cast aside worry and anxiety. He did not say give thanks for all things but rather give thanks in all things. God is only the author of good; He is not the author of evil. 

It takes a man or woman who has absolute faith in God to give praise and thanksgiving in the midst of the most challenging circumstances. Paul and Silas knew that God would deliver them. Acts 16:25. Jehoshaphat knew that God would win the victory for him and his people. 2 ch 20:21. Before feeding the 5000 men plus women and children, Jesus gave thanks knowing that the Father will provide. 

In all these instances any anxiety was cast aside. Rather thanksgiving was offered unto the God with outstanding results following. You and I can have similarly great results but we must stand in the face of trials and offer thanksgiving to God in the midst of the situations. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Supernatural Language II - The Mysteries of God

1 Cor 14:2.

God has given us a supernatural language. After becoming born again the Holy Spirit came to dwell in us. However there is a subsequent in filling of the Holy Spirit that we each have a right to as children of God. The initial evidence of this is speaking in tongues.

When you speak in tongues you are speaking to God in a language that no man understands. You are praying out mysteries, things that you don't know of.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Agents of the Harvest

Isa 59:16.

God is always searching for someone to use. He gave us dominion on the earth. And in order for Him to carry out His will in earth He needs faithful laborers. However God will never force His will on men.

There is a great end time harvest to be reaped. Make yourself available in the place of prayer and partake in the harvest becoming a reality.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Nothing can stop you

Mk 11:23

Jesus said that if we would only believe and not doubt then when we speak to any mountain to move, it will move. We have the capacity for mountain moving faith. Any mountain that seeks to set itself against you and God's Word In your life will move in the face of unshakable faith based on the Word of God.

So speak to the mountains of problems now in faith, and watch them move out of the way. No obstacle can stop you if you are walking in faith.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Solution Providers

Jn 14:12.

When Jesus was leaving He said that He will leave the Holy Spirit with us. He did this to empower us. He went on to say in Jn 14:12 that we will do not just the works that He did, but greater works. Jesus has called us to do what He did i.e. heal the sick, raise the dead, multiply food, pay taxes supernaturally, turn water into wine, etc., and to do this to the ends of the earth.

Greater works here doesn't mean that we have a greater measure of the Spirit than Jesus because He received the spirit without measure but rather we are empowered by the Spirit to do not just as Christ did but when the occasion demands us to do more we will do as Christ would have done if He was here.

The gift of life that we have received enables us to do greater works - spiritual and material. It's time for us to see ourselves as solution providers and miracle workers, and to go forth and manifest. The time is now.

The Rain of God

Zec 10:1.

In this end times God intends to pour out a rain of the supernatural upon His people. This has been prophesied in the Word.

God wants to pour out His Spirit upon us like never before. You must desire this outpouring so that The Lord's will can be carried out on the earth.

As a believer you must remain in a place of prayer to usher in this rain. Through this rain God intends to grow His Kingdom on the earth.

Monday, December 3, 2012

God is able to beat your expectations

Acts 3:4-5.

God requires your seed of expectation in order for the supernatural to be manifested, whether you are ministering to others or receiving from God. The lame man expected money. This seed of expectation was enough for God to work with in order to birth something far greater - his healing. According to Eph 3:20, God is able to beat our expectations but it starts with a seed.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Word and the Power

Isa 53:1.

The Word must be the final authority in your life. According to the book of the John, in the beginning the Word was present. In the book of Genesis this is evident; God created this world by the Word. Throughout the OT the prophets of God spoke about the Coming Messiah. Isaiah in Is 53:1 spoke about these prophecies challenging the people on believing the word that God sent through them accompanied by His power.

When God speaks it should be final in our lives. And when it is and we walk in His Word, His power which backs up that Word is evident.

Supernatural Language

1 Cor 14:2.

When you speak in tongues you are speaking to God in a language beyond the understanding of men; you are speaking mysteries by the power of the Holy Spirit.

There are things that we do not know of. But by the power of the Holy Spirit we are able to pray those things out in tongues.

Use Your Words to Create Your World

Gen 1:3.

Words are primarily meant for creation not communication. Communication occurs through words but we must not lose sight of the primary use of words.

In the chapter 1 of the book of Genesis, God illustrated the creative power of Words. He spoke the world into existence. God created us in His own image therefore His intent is that we be co-creators.

It's time that we learn the power of words. Avoid the careless use of words. You must learn to create by your words. Death and life are in the power of the tongue; choose. Deut 30:19. Pro 18:21.