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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Wisdom and Patience

One of the characteristics of a wise man is patience. Such a person understands the value of taking the appropriate time to make a decision. He is never forced into making a decision because of circumstances. You see decisions made in a haste often result in mistakes. Those decisions are generally made based on fear of an unwanted outcome or missed opportunity. However a child of God ought to live by faith and therefore does not operate by fear - Isa 28:16.

In 1 Sam 30:6-8. David was faced with a significant challenge. His men were thinking about stoning him because they had lost their families and all their possessions. David responded by strengthening himself and inquiring from God in order to find out the next steps. He could have responded in a haste in the face of such hostility but he chose to be patient in order receive instruction from God.

Friend you will be faced with choices that will attempt to force you into a hasty decision. You must resist the temptation to decide before. Take the time you need in order to access the divine wisdom of God. As a result you will make better decisions.

Have an exceptional day!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Let the past remain in the past

Your past can be a hinderance to the glorious future that God has planned for you, if you allow it. You cannot afford to wallow in past defeats and allow those defeats to stop you from making progress. Remember that you an overcomer - 1 John 5:4; you are destined to win. Defeats don't define you. Rather turn them around into learning opportunities.  

Likewise you cannot afford to let the celebration of past victories to cause stagnation in your life. Thank God for the successes that you have had in the past. However there is much more that God has in store for you. If you refuse to move past your past successes then your ability to win more battles in the future is compromised.

Apostle Paul set the example. He chose to keep forging ahead rather stay in the past - Php 3:13. He knew that greater things lay ahead that what he had already experienced. Likewise you must not stop pressing in and pressing on so that you can lay hold of that glorious future that God has planned for you. Forget those things that have happened in your past so that you can claim new victories. 

Have an exceptional day!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Use Time Wisely

One of the greatest mistakes anyone can make is to waste the opportunity that today presents. A wise man understands how to use time wisely. He knows that yesterday was a seed for today and today is a seed for tomorrow. As a result He prioritizes rightly to ensure that he is rightly positioned to reap the desired harvest tomorrow. 

You see there are many seasons in your life. In every season there are seasonal priorities which are aligned with overall life priorities. In other words there are things you ought to focus on in a particular season which position you to fulfill your destiny. You must be sensitive to these priorities so that you can maximize every season.

Time is not meant to be your enemy. Rather if you have an understanding of the times and seasons, by the wisdom of God, then you will know what to do. If you do the right things in every season then you will be positioned to walk in the fullness of God's plans for your life. By the wisdom of God I declare that you will know what to do in every season. 

Have an exceptional day!

Wisdom for Great Results

God has good plans for your life. His thoughts and plans are for peace and not for evil in order to bring you to that glorious future that He has already set aside for you - Jer 29:11. According to Deut 29:29 there are things that have been hidden by God for us. He intends to reveal these things to us. So the plans of God are not hidden from you. However you must play your part in order to access these plans.

In Eph 1:17 Apostle Paul prayed that God would impart the Ephesians with the spirit of wisdom and revelation. He prayed that they would have understanding beyond their natural senses. You see as a child of God you will need to operate beyond what your natural senses tell you. In order to live the life God called you to live it will take revealed wisdom from God.

Make a commitment today to dig deep in the place of prayer and meditation on the Word of God. Seek the wisdom of God, and follow the instructions and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. As you walk in the revealed wisdom of God, you will do great exploits. 

Have an exceptional day!

Friday, February 21, 2014

The right choices lead to the right destination

Every day you are faced with choices. According to scripture in Deut 30:19 you are faced with choices - good or bad. Your choices along the way help to determine where you end up in life. The wrong choices will cause you to end up further away from the right destination. However the right choices will cause to walk consistent with the plans and purposes of God. 

Divine wisdom enables you to make the right choices in every situation. Even when you are faced with situations where it is not plainly obvious what the right choice should be, divine wisdom enables you to discern the right choice accurately. In Luk 10:38-42, Jesus was visiting Martha and Mary. Martha focused on serving while Mary focused receiving the work from Jesus. Martha expressed her frustration that Mary was not assisting her. Jesus then responded to Martha that Mary had indeed made the wise decision.

Friend do not be distracted into making the wrong decision. A wise man or woman is able to prioritize appropriately. They know what to do in every situation. Make a commitment to seeking the direction of God as your prioritize. Let the wisdom of God guide you into the right decision so that you can focus on what's important.

Have an exceptional day.

Get busy doing what's important

As a child of God you are the only one who can tell others about Jesus. There are many people around you who are still unsaved. God sent His son, Jesus, to die in our place so that all men can be saved. This sacrifice is enough to cover everyone who has ever been born including those around you. Consider this: is there a reason why anyone should not be saved and go to Heaven? Wisdom says no in response to this question. So the wise thing to do is to get busy talking about Jesus.

It's always interesting to watch the response of believers to speaking about Jesus. I can contrast it with the passion with which people publicize and speak about their parties or trips to the club. However as a child of God, what we have is more valuable than anything in the world. Nothing in the world can compare to a relationship with God. It's high time that as believers we were passionate about telling others about Jesus, and spreading the good news of the Kingdom.

Scripture tells us that a wise man is a soul winner - Pro 11:30. If you are operating in the divine wisdom of God then you will see the need to evangelize. To be wise is to place what is important to God as a priority - Matt 6:33. It's time to get excited about winning souls. It's the wise thing to do!

Have an exceptional day.