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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Protect the flow of the blessing in your life

Offense is a trap set by the enemy to block the flow of the blessing into your life. In Mt 11:6, Jesus illustrated this by saying that you are blessed if you do not get offended. The Bible tells us in Mk 6:3 that the people in Jesus' home town were offended at Him. They refused to honor Him because they had watched Him grow up. As anointed as Jesus was this limited what He could do there; He was unable to do mighty works - Mk 6:5.

There will be opportunities for you to get offended. As long as you interact with people they will do things that will tempt you to be offended. However You must protect the blessing flow in your life by resisting the temptation to be offended. The flow of the blessing is too precious for you to forfeit.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Position yourself for a successful future

Pro 22:2
The rich and poor have this in common,
The Lord is the maker of them all (NKJV)

According to scripture in Pro 22:2 God created both the rich and poor. You don't have to fail or to be poor. Friend, God created every man and woman with the capacity to succeed, excel and prosper. However you must do your part in order to walk in the fullness of God's plans and purpose for your life.

One of the things that you must discipline yourself to do is to set your mind consistent with God's expectations for you. Pro 23:7 says that as a man thinks so is he. You condition yourself to develop an image consistent with God's word by spending time in God's Word consistently. Let God's Word be your standard.

God's plans for you are for good and not evil, to bring you to a good end - Jer 29:11. God is committed to your success however you must develop a mindset consistent with God's plans for you. Make a commitment today to position yourself for a successful future.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Prioritize Your Personal Development

One of the most important investments you you will ever make is your investment in your personal development. You can never truly become all that you were created to be if you are not committed to your personal development. It is so tempting to neglect this as you chase after the next opportunity. However if the right foundation is not laid then what you have built over time will eventually crumble.

You must invest in your spiritual development first and then invest in developing your gifts and talents. Investment in your personal development starts with your personal time in the Word of God. It also includes the anointed books and messages that you expose yourself to and specific training programs, seminars, books, etc. that are in line with your gifts and talents. As you expose yourself to these materials you must also practice your gifts.

This is how you position yourself to become all that you were created to be - 2 Ti 2:15. Daniel is known for his outstanding achievements. He rose from a slave to become a Prime Minister over other Prime Ministers. Daniel records in Dan 9:2, that he developed understanding by reading books. You can start today by setting goals and targets related to your personal development. As you commit those goals unto God, He will enable you supernaturally to accomplish them.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It's Time for Your Promotion

True promotion comes from God - Psa 75:6. God has the ability to cause you to be promoted supernaturally. The key to walking in this promotion is your acknowledgement of God's power and ability, and your submission to God. Your submission to God means that you are fully submitted to His will.

It takes a man clothed in humility to be fully submitted to God. Friend, I am not referring to a false humility where you consider yourself as worthless but rather a humility based on faith in God's ability to deliver you from any situation and to promote you.

According to 1 Pe 5:6, if you are truly submitted to God, then He will cause you to enjoy success and be promoted. Make a decision today to yield your will to God's will. Your promotion is already secured, and it's manifestation is around the corner.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

You will make a difference at your place of work

When Jesus Christ defeated the enemy, He secured your victory over sin, sickness and poverty. Anyone who identifies with Jesus' victory becomes a partaker of this victory, and is restored unto the blessing - Gal 3:13-14. The shedding of Jesus' blood at Calvary was a covenant act. This bloodshed represented the new covenant between God and anyone who accepts Jesus as Lord and Savior. So your victory is secured by covenant. A covenant unlike a contract cannot be broken without death. Since God is not planning to die, He remains committed to the covenant.

There was an old cevenant prior to the new covenant. Jacob was a partaker of this covenant. it is recorded that Jacob's boss recognized that his business fluorished becuase Jacob was a partaker of the old covenant - Gen 30:27. As powerful as the old covenant was it doesn't compare to the new covenant. The new covenant is superior to the old covenant because it was secured by the blood of Jesus and not the blood of animals. If Jacob's presence was enough to influence the success of his master's business, how much more is your presence able to influence the success of your employer's business.

God has placed you at that place of work for such a time as this. You are called to be a light unto this generation - Mt 5:14-16. Light here refers to someone who provides clarity, direction, and influence. This is your heritage. So as you go to your place of work remember that you are called to make a difference. Just as Jacob made a difference, you are called to make even more of a difference at your place of work. Arise and shine, it is your time - Isa 60:1.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

You Must Fight for Your Victory

The wages of sin is death - Rom 6:23. Along with death comes the curse, which is the empowerment to fail, toil and be broken in every area of life. When you live a life of sin, and death comes upon you then you will experience manifestations of death is every aspect of your life. Death and the curse result in oppression, bondage, failure, regression, repression, lack, sickness, etc. in every area of a man's life.

Thank God for the gift of eternal life in Christ Jesus - Rom 6:23. Because of this gift you now have access to the blessing, the empowerment to excel, prosper and succeed in every area of your life. The package of eternal life includes, freedom from bondage and oppression, wisdom, favor, prosperity, health, excellence, progression, etc.

When you accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior over your life, you joined the right camp and made a choice for eternal life. Now you must be committed to fighting to lay hold on your eternal life package through praying, meditating on God's word, renewing your mind by the word, spending time in God's presence, listening to anointed messages, reading anointed books, etc.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

It's time for you to excel

When God created man, He blessed man - Gen 1:28; He gave man the divine enablement to succeed and prosper. When man sinned, he turned his back on the blessing and thus the curse came into effect - Gen 3:16-19. However God immediately put a plan into motion to restore man back to his rightful place in the blessing - Gen 3:15. Thank God that His plan came to fruition. Jesus came and by His victory over the enemy restored man back unto the blessing - Gal 3:13-14

Anyone who identifies with Jesus' sacrifice and accepts Him as Lord and Savior is restored back into the blessing. Therefore there is no longer any excuse for failure. As a child of God you now have the divine enablement to succeed and prosper in all that you do. The Bible notes that all of the charges and penalties that were assigned to you as a result of your sinful nature was wiped away by Jesus' victory - Col 2:14. The victory of Jesus is your victory.

Friend it's time to rise up and take your rightful place. You must resist every attempt to be mediocre. You have what is takes to excel, prosper and succeed. You are blessed. It's time for you to shine - Isa 60:1. The whole world is awaiting your manifestation - Rom 8:19.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Develop an Image based on God's Promises

In 2 Ki 7:1 God sent a word to the people through His prophet Elisha. God's Word was that in 24 hours, there will be an abundant supply of food and that the price of food will crash. This prophecy came at a time of famine. With the natural senses it was impossible to imagine how the lack of food will be turned around to a surplus.

The king's right hand man confirmed this; he doubted God's word because it did not make sense. Thank God for the four lepers who stepped out in faith and inadvertently fulfilled Elisha's prophecy. As they approached the Syrian camp, the Syrians were supernaturally dispersed. They left their camp intact. And in 2 Ki 7:16, the Bible confirms that the people plundered the camp of the Syrians, and there was an abundance of food accompanied by low prices.

Friend God's Word is full of promises and prophecies for you and I. God wants you to enjoy the fullness of His plans and purpose. However, your ability to see beyond your natural circumstances and limitations, and to identify with God's promises and prophecies by revelation determines the level of manifestation in your life.

Start today by making God's Word your standard. Focus on what the Word of God says and the prophecies that He relays to you via His anointed men and women. Develop an image based on the Word of God, and fight (stay resolute in the Word) to maintain that image. Then you will walk in outstanding results.

Monday, March 11, 2013

You must respect time

Time is a precious commodity. Those who respect time accomplish goals and complete tasks when they are scheduled. These people are not prone to procrastination.

God created time. He created the earth in which we live to function according to times and seasons. Therefore you are expected to respect time. Respecting time does not mean that you become a slave to time. Rather you get things done at the right time and you show up at appointments on time.

In order to excel in life you must avoid procrastination and treat time as precious. Your respect for time will make the difference and determine how much you are able to accomplish while you are on the earth.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Step Out in Boldness

God had great things in store for Abraham. However for Abraham to truly fulfill his God-given purpose he needed to separate himself from his family and be in a new environment. Abraham needed to be in an environment that would be conducive for his development. He needed to be away from his comfort zone.

Friend in order for you to walk in the fullness of God's plan for your life you will need to walk away from your comfort zone. God's plan for your life is bigger than you and anyone around you. It will take focus, discipline, courage and boldness to accomplish all that you were created to do.

God's plan for your life will stretch you. If you stay where you are comfortable you will never become who you were called to be. So be courageous and trust God. Make a decision today to step out in faith and not be subject to your comfort as God leads you on the path of fulfilling your purpose.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wisdom For Success in the Workplace

When Jesus lived on the earth, he walked in outstanding results. In fact He was known for His results. The Bible says that His fame spread abroad and that news of Him travelled. He was simply a marvel in His generation. The world had not seen anyone like Him. Yet when Jesus left He made an interesting pronouncement. In Jn 14:12 Jesus said "Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father".
You see it is God's desire that we walk in outstanding results wherever we are located including where we work. In Jn 14:12, works is from the Greek word ergon which speaks of works, deeds, acts but also refers to business, employment, that which any one is occupied, and any thing accomplished by hand, art or industry. It refers to miracles, signs, wonders and healings.
It is clear that Jesus was not just referring to greater works at church meetings, afterall, He went about doing good in the midst of the people and was not confined to a building. Some of the many miracles that occurred in Jesus' ministry included multiplying food and turning water into wine. He solved material problems supernaturally. This same power is available for you and I in our place of work.
One of the keys to Jesus' outstanding results was wisdom. He spent so much time in the presence of God that He was able to download specific instructions from God for every situation that He faced (Jam 5:19-20). The manifestation of the wisdom of God in His life was evident to others (Luk 2:52). It is clear that the wisdom of God will cause you to produce solutions that others have not been able to produce; it will cause you to perform at a higher level. This will draw the attention of others.
Another man who walked in divine wisdom was Joseph. Joseph brought the influence of God to bear upon the assignments that Potiphar gave him. As a result he produced superior results (Gen 39:1-4) and began running Potiphar's house. In prison Joseph observed what was going on, and then he was inspired by God to offer solutions. Eventually he began running the prison (Gen 39:20-23). By the wisdom of God Joseph knew to package himself for his defining moment. By divine wisdom he shaved before He showed up in the presence of Pharaoh (Gen 41:14). By divine wisdom Joseph was promoted. When he became Prime Minister he succeeded by divine wisdom.
The Holy Spirit is the source of divine wisdom. According to Dan 5:13-14 the king recognized Daniel as a man of wisdom. He went on to acknowledge that the Spirit of God was in Daniel. In Isa 11:2, the Holy Spirit is described as the spirit of wisdom. Furthermore according to Job 32:8, the Holy Spirit provides divine inspiration. The Holy Sirit will clarify things for you in your place of work or business. I declare that issues that others find confusing will be clear to you.
So how do you position yourself to walk in divine wisdom?
1. Release your faith for wisdom. Ask for wisdom (Mt 7:7-8).
Build your faith for it based on the Word of God. Solomon knew that wisdom is the most important thing (Pro 4:7). He asked for wisdom when God gave him a blank check (2 Ch 1:7-12). As a result he became a reference point in his generation.
2. Place your trust in God.
You must trust absolutely in the wisdom of God and not rely on your natural, sensual wisdom (Pro 3:5-6). Natural wisdom is limited but divine wisdom has no limits (Pro 14:12).
3. Inform yourself.
Daniel was committed to developing and informing himself. He read and studied. (Dan 9:2). As a result of his personal development he was ready to assume the roles that God caused him to be promoted into. You see if you have not developed yourself and your gifts then you will be unable to fully capitalize on the wisdom of God.
In 2013 make a commitment to do whatever it takes to access the wisdom of God. The wisdom of God will be the difference maker in your career and/or your business. As you walk in divine wisdom, you will enjoy outstanding results.

Be Faithful With the Resources that God has Given You

God hates waste. All of the gifts and resources that He has given you are meant for a purpose. They are not meant to be wasted.

The disciples of Jesus illustrated this. After all the men and women were done eating they still ensured that all the remnants were collected; twelve baskets full. They made sure that it was not wasted.

God expects you to be a good steward of resources and to be diligent about how those resources are used. He wants to ensure that you can be trusted with what you have in this season before He entrusts more into your care.

So in order to qualify for divine promotion you must handle what you have now effectively and ensure that there is no waste.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Take that Next Step, Your Time is Now

Faith believes and receives now. The process of devoloping faith involves meditating on God's Word to the point of revelation. At the point of revelation you own that word. You get to the point that you agree with what God's Word says about you and the situation you are facing. At this point God's Word is more real to you that the natural circumstances you are facing.

You see faith is the process through which you access God's eternal promises. In order to do this you must first access these promises in the realm of the spirit before you see them with your eyes - Heb 11:1 & 2 Co 4:18. It is then a matter of time before you receive the physical manifestation.

Friend you must stay encouraged and not be discouraged, stay hopeful and not despondent. God's promises are real. His Word has His power backing it up. He is faithful to do what He said He would do - is 55:11 & 1 Co 1:9. Make a commitment to spend time in God's Word and presence to develop faith for every area of your life. Note that faith is always accompanied by appropriate action - Jam 2:17. So take that next step consistent with your faith. The time is now.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

You can produce great things

The word heart in Pro 4:23 refers to the core of man. The core of a man is his spirit. Afterall man is a spirit who has a soul and lives in a body. According to Pro 4:23 you must diligently watch what you expose your spirit to. Your spirit is your production center - Luk 6:45. This is why it is so important to guard your spirit. A good man produces good things out of the good treasure in his heart. Likewise an evil man produces evil things out of the evil treasure in his heart.

Your eyes, ears and mouth are the doorways to your spirit. Whatever you allow to enter in through these doorways will end up in your mind. Eventually they will transit from your mind to your spirit. Therefore to guard your heart you must be selective about what you watch, listen to and say.

If you want to produce good things then you must stay committed to protecting your spirit. You must stay in the presence of God by worshipping, praying and fellowshipping with the Word of God. Maintain the right environment so that you can produce good things.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fight to Succeed

In Php 3:14, Apostle Paul said that he pressed towards his goal, his assignment. He pressed so that he could attain the upward calling of God in Christ Jesus.

Friend it is going to take maximum effort on your part to accomplish all that God has called you to do. You will have to fight in order to succeed. You will have to resist diverse temptations and distractions, and remain focused on the ultimate goal.

It is time to take a stand concerning your God-given purpose. Make a decision today that you will not be distracted off course and you will be disciplined. As you press in the grace of God will multiply your efforts. Then you will enjoy good success and attain your higher calling.

Monday, March 4, 2013

You are already victorious

When the Jews planned to rebuild the wall of Jrusalem they faced opposition form Sanballat. According to Neh 4:1, Sanballat was furious and mocked the Jews.

You see on the way to fulfilling your God-given purpose there will be opposition. Jesus said that there will be challenges and that people will offend you - Jn 16:33 & Mt 18:7. You must have the right perspective concerning these trials. According to Jam 1:2-4 though these tests and trials will test your faith, in the process of going through them you will build patience and in the end will lack nothing.

The enemy will try everything in his power to derail you on the path to fulfilling your destiny. But thank God that the Greater One lives on your inside. There is nothing that you cannot overcome. Your victory and success has already been determined - 1 Jn 5:4. So stay focused and cheerful in the face of trials because you already know the outcome. You have already won!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

It is God's Plan that You Succeed

God always has you on His mind. In Psa 8:4, the Psalmist exclaims that God is mindful of man. You see man is God's choicest creation. Man is the only one of God's creation that was created in the image and likeness of God - Gen 1:26. This is why man has such a special place in God's heart.

In Jer 29:11, God was reassuring His people that He only had good thoughts towards them, and not evil thoughts. He told them that His plans for them was to bring them to a place of peace and prosperity, where everything concerning was in great shape; nothing missing or broken. God reassured them because at that time His people were having challenges believing in a good outcome based on what they were going through.

You see there will be times when your present circumstances do not bear any resemblance to your promises from God. At those times you must stand in faith based on the Word of God. And remember that it is God's plan that you succeed in what He has called you to do. So be cheerful and courageous - Jn 16:33 & Jos 1:9 - because God is on your side.