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Friday, December 28, 2012

God's System of Reward

Mt 6:6.

There is a way to divinely position yourself for open rewards. The Bible charges us to ensure that we are not praying just to be seen. You see if we pray to be seen then our reward will stop at the admiration of men. But God wants to reward us much more than that.

So ensure that your motives for praying are pure and not self seeking. And God who sees you pray in secret will reward you so much that others will notice. This is how to position yourself for open reward.

1 comment:

Tiwi Oye said...

I am currently meditating on Love as God defines it...1 Corinth 13 and I never defined being self-seeking with trying to be seen...hmm this has given me a totally new perspective on that term. THANK you!