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Friday, December 7, 2012

Solution Providers

Jn 14:12.

When Jesus was leaving He said that He will leave the Holy Spirit with us. He did this to empower us. He went on to say in Jn 14:12 that we will do not just the works that He did, but greater works. Jesus has called us to do what He did i.e. heal the sick, raise the dead, multiply food, pay taxes supernaturally, turn water into wine, etc., and to do this to the ends of the earth.

Greater works here doesn't mean that we have a greater measure of the Spirit than Jesus because He received the spirit without measure but rather we are empowered by the Spirit to do not just as Christ did but when the occasion demands us to do more we will do as Christ would have done if He was here.

The gift of life that we have received enables us to do greater works - spiritual and material. It's time for us to see ourselves as solution providers and miracle workers, and to go forth and manifest. The time is now.

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