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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Focus in Your Assignment

In 2 Co 6:17, God declares that He wants His people to separate themselves from the people and things of the world. God wants you to be distinct from the world. You are called to reach the world and not to blend with the world. Apostle Paul warns the church not to be wrongly connected and associated - 2 Co 6:14. 

You are the light of the world - Mt 5:14. You are called to make a difference in your environment - Gen 1:28. Your light is not meant to be covered - Mt 5:15. In order for your light to shine then you must associate rightly separate yourself unto your assignment. Abraham was separated for his assignment - Gen 12:2. Paul and Barnabas were separated for the call of God upon their lives - Acts 13:2. Stephen and Phillip were among the seven men separated to be deacons - Acts 6:3. 

Your assignment is so important that you must guard it appropriately. Don't compromise your assignment. Separate yourself and accomplish your assignment. 

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