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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Nothing can defeat you

Friend, how do you respond when you are faced with major challenges? Do you cower down in defeat or do you rise up to face the challenge based on your faith in the Word? D you have a revelation of what the Word says about your victory?

You see your victory in life was secured by the blood of Jesus - Rev 12:11. Your faith in Jesus and the power of the blood, and your perseverance in the face of challenging situations together ensure that you walk in the reality of your victory.

There is no longer any need to retreat and surrender. The enemy was already defeated. That defeat was not just for the moment it was an everlasting defeat. That defeat over 2000 years which came about via the sacrifice of Jesus covers you and the generations to come. So take your place now in the row of champions. Shout for joy in the face of any situation. You are already victorious.

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