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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Outstanding Results

The wisdom of God is perfect; it has a 100% success rate - Jam 3:17. In other words you cannot fail if you walk in divine wisdom. If anything that resembles failure is present then it was not the wisdom of God in operation. According to scripture in Matt 11:19, divine wisdom will always produce results. It will be evident to everyone that divine wisdom was in operation.

Friend if you want to live a life characterized by lasting success then you must rely on the wisdom of God and not natural wisdom - Ecc 10:10. The wisdom of God is limitless while natural wisdom is limited. The wisdom of God always seeks good out of every situation. On the other hand the motive of natural wisdom can be questionable.

You have the Greater One, the Holy Spirit, living inside of you as a child of God - 1 John 4:4. He is there to lead, guide and teach you. Acknowledge His presence, and consciously tap into His wisdom in the place of prayer and reading the Word, so that you can excel in every area of life.

Have an exceptional day!

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