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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Outstanding Results II

In Jos 1:6-7 God encouraged Joshua as he was embarking on his God-given assignment. Joshua had just been anointed successor to Moses. He had seen the challenges that Moses had in leading the Jews. It is possible that the size of the task appeared daunting to him. Joshua needed encouragement for the road that lay ahead.

In John 16:33, Jesus says that there will be trials and challenges along the way. However Jesus says that we should be of good cheer because He has overcome the world. You see there is no situation that you will face that you are not able to overcome by the help of God - 1 Cor 10:13. When Jesus overcame, every one who identified with His victory also overcame. One of the keys to you overcome in every situation is by the wisdom of God. You must prioritize the wisdom of God - Pro 4:7 - because it is the principal thing. 

In 1 Sam 30 David was faced with a very challenging situation. Not only had he lost all his family and possessions but his men had lost everything too. How was David, their leader going to face them? His men must have blamed David because scripture says in 1 Sam 30:6 that they began to contemplate stoning him. What was David's response? David strengthened himself in God. In other words he encouraged himself in the Lord. 

David had seen the wisdom of God in manifestation as he killed Goliath, evaded Saul and won battles. He knew that if he could get the word of God for this particular situation then his victory will be manifested. 1 Sam 30:8 reveals this clearly. David asked God for the next step. How many believers would have reacted the same way in the face of such a major challenge and one of the lowest point of their lives? The reality is not many would. However God's expectation is that you will ask and seek for His wisdom in every situation.

David and his men eventually pursued the enemy, and recovered all that they lost plus interest. David obeyed the Word of God and therefore he was able to walk in the wisdom of God. He succeeded in the face of a situation that seemed insurmountable in the natural perspective. What situation do you find yourself in that seems so difficult? Strengthen yourself in God. Ask and seek His wisdom. He will grant His wisdom to you liberally. Just as David enjoyed, you will also enjoy your victory by the wisdom of God. Have an exceptional day. 

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