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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Heirs of the Kingdom

According to Col 1:12 you are partakers of the inheritance of the saints in the light once you become a member of God's Kingdom. (Eph 1:11. Acts 26:18). This means that you became an heir to the Kingdom. (Rom 8:17,14. Tit 3:7. Gal 3:29,4:7).

There are privileges and responsibilities to being an heir to any Kingdom.
As an heir to the Kingdom you have a right to everything that the Ruler of the Kingdom has - including the power, resources, and silver and gold that are His. The heir is treated with the same respect and honor as the one on the throne. He enjoys the same privileges. When he speaks it is assumed that he speaks on behalf of the throne.

The heir also has a responsibility to serve in the Kingdom, to protect the Kingdom, to honor the Kingdom and to increase the influence of the Kingdom. He does this by living according to the rules and standards of the Kingdom. He makes the Kingdom his priority and in natural Kingdoms he spends time in the military to protect the Kingdom. He is also committed to the propagation of the Kingdom's influence by His actions and by spreading the news and information about the Kingdom and what it represents (including it's benefits).

An heir still has the responsibility to grow into sonship or else he cannot fully enjoy the benefits of his sonship. (Gal 4:1). Just like a natural father will not give the keys to his house or his car to his 2 year old child, likewise, God, the Father, will not give you certain things that are yours by covenant while you are still 'young' spiritually.

It's time for you and I to take our rightful place in The Kingdom. You can grow in sonship, and leave the 'young' stage by applying yourself in God's Word and serving in the Kingdom. You can build your spirit by feeding on God's Word (Acts 20:32, Deut 4:6;29:9, 1 Ki 2:3, Jn 6;63, Psa 119:1,130,133), and increase your commitment to God's Kingdom by your ongoing service. (Mt 6:33).

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