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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Living a whole life through intimacy with God

The fact that God wants us to prosper is already settled. According to Psa 35:27 God has pleasure in our prosperity; it delights Him. Prosperity here refers to more than your finances. It also refers to your health, family, business, etc. A prosperous man enjoys wholeness in every area of his life. Furthermore according to Psa 37:23 God orders the steps of the righteous; again it delights Him. If you allow God to order your steps you cannot fail, you can only end up in prosperity.

A key part to allowing God to order your steps and walking in prosperity is your ability to hear God's instructions constantly. The ability to hear God is developed in intimacy; intimacy is developed by spending time with someone. Intimacy also leads to trust.

For example a man and his wife have an intimate relationship because they have spent numerous hours together, discussing and sharing about themselves. Consequently they have developed an ability to understand and trust each other. They share unspoken words that no one else can decipher.

The Bible lets us know that Abraham was wealthy; he had so much wealth that He was a reference point of his generation. It started however with an instruction to leave his father's house (Gen 12:1). He trusted God so much (intimacy) that when God spoke he obeyed. He even obeyed when God requested him to sacrifice his only son (that he waited 99 years for). And as he continued to obey, God continued to increase him. He prospered in his family, businesses, finances, etc. Likewise Isaac, Jacob, Daniel, Joseph, etc. all prospered because they had the ability to hear God, cultivated by being in God's presence.

For you and I the example has been set; we know God's intention to prosper us. The challenge before you and I is to take our relationship with God to the next level. We must make being in His presence a lifestyle, and thus intimacy with Him is established. In so doing we will set ourselves up to hear from Him constantly and thus everything that we do will prosper.

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