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Friday, November 30, 2012

Impartation for Elevation

Nov 22, 2012.
Deut 34:9.

Before Moses died he laid hands on Joshua. The Bible records that Joshua received the spirit of wisdom by this Impartation. You see God gives grace/anointing to men and women according to their assignments on earth. God also designed it so that this grace can be imparted. One of the ways this grace can be imparted is by the laying of hands. You can receive an Impartation of the anointing on another's life by the laying of hands.

In order to advance in life, career, and ministry there will be many times when an Impartation is necessary for the next level. You must learn to honor and respect the anointings that you require for your next level. This will pave the way for Impartation.

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