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Saturday, November 17, 2012

What is Leadership?

A lot of people confuse leadership with titles. A title does not confer leadership on anyone. Many of the greatest leaders who have ever lived started leading others before they ever got a title. The greatest leader of all, Jesus did not have a formal title. He did not introduce Himself as Pastor, Reverend, Prophet, etc. You can be a leader at any level in any organization. The true measure of leadership is the ability to influence. 

Leadership is akin to the navigation system in many cars that surveys the land and considers various options before deciding on a route. The navigation system seeks to influence the driver it does not dominate the driver and force him in a particular direction. The best navigation systems also consider potential obstacles and sources of delay (e.g. traffic), and they navigate around these. They are constantly calculating the best route. Even when the driver strays off the pre-determined route they do not halt the car suddenly rather they re-calculate the route and proceed to get the driver back on track. This is one of the best illustrations of leadership. excerpt from my latest book.

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