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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Watch the impossible become a reality

According to scripture in Isa 59:16, God had to step in to rescue humanity. He did not find a man who had all the capabilities to redeem man i.e. an intercessor who was righteous. Therefore He sent His only Son, at the time, to die on our behalf. Jesus died as the only son of God. He resurrected as the first son of God amongst billions of sons to follow. Friend you and I are now children of God because of Jesus' victory.

When Jesus left, He sent the Holy Spirit to dwell in us. One of the roles of the Holy Spirit is as an intercessor. An intercessor is one who stands in the place of prayer to bridge the gap between man and God. This gives God the permission to step into the human arena and effect changes. Now that we have the Holy Spirit in us, we can intercede effectively - Rom 8:26-27. Leverage your partnership with the Holy Spirit, the greatest intercessor. Let the prayer begin and watch as the impossible becomes a reality in the lives of others.

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