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Friday, May 3, 2013

You are blessed

When Jesus died and resurrected He paid the price for our redemption. By virtue of His victory He made a way for us to be restored back into right standing with God. By identifying with His death and resurrection we are restored back into the blessing which man lost when Adam sinned - Gal 3:13. The blessing is the empowerment to succeed, excel and prosper.

You must settle it once and for all; you are blessed. This cannot be reversed - Num 23:20. Irrespective of how situations may appear, you are still blessed - Num 23:19. Friend you must learn to face situations and declare the truth of God's Word over those situations. As you do so you are super imposing the truth of God's word over the facts of the situation. 

As you consistently develop faith in God's word and back that up with your confession of God's word and corresponding actions, you will walk in the manifestations of the blessing. You are empowered to succeed, excel and prosper in all your endeavors. This cannot be reversed. 

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