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Sunday, May 5, 2013

You must stand your ground and claim your victory

Scripture refers to the devil as a relentless thief - Jn 10:10. His sole mission in life is to destroy humanity. His hatred for humanity is based on the fact that man has what he originally desired. He desired to be like God and rebelled when he did not get this desire granted - Isa 14:14. This desire was not consistent with God's plan and purpose for the devil. 

However when God created man, He made man like Himself - Gen 1:26. From that point on the devil has sought to destroy man. Thank God that after Adam yielded himself to the devil's plans, God had a restoration plan - Gen 3:15. It is because of the victory of Jesus at Calvary that we have regained access to the God-kind of life - Jn 10:10. Jesus came so that we can have that life to an overflowing measure. 

So the stage has been set for our victory. We are united with, and are sons of God - 1 Cor 12:12-14. Therefore Jesus' victory is our victory. There is no longer any way for the devil to defeat us. This does not stop him from trying; he is a thief afterall. Irrespective of what he throws at you, you must stand your ground and remember that you have already won. Be of good cheer, Jesus won the victory for us - Jn 16:33. 

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