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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

God's favor is always available

God demonstrated His grace towards you that when you were still estranged from Him He sent His son to die on your behalf in order to redeem you back from the enemy. Jesus did not just die in your place He bore all of your sins, sicknesses, poverty on Himself. He literally became your sins. It was as though He committed the sins even though He never sinned. This was not just a meaningless sacrifice; it was significant.

God looked around heaven, earth and the rest of the world. He could not find anyone else worthy to take your place. He needed someone without blemish whose blood had what it took to wipe out your past, present and future sins, and to redeem you back from your fallen state. Consider this: if God could do that while you were yet sinners imagine what He has set aside for you now that you are His children.

One of the definitions of the word grace is favor. God's favor in your life did not cease after you became born again. Rather it continues to be available for your advancement in life. You will rule and reign in life by the divine favor of God!

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