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Sunday, August 4, 2013

It's time to enjoy the favor of God

God identified the Jews as His chosen people. As a result they enjoyed the favor of God. The favor of God caused them to experience an unprecedented wealth transfer - Ex 3:21. When it was time for them to leave captivity, after many years of slavery under the Egyptians, God instructed them to go and borrow all that they could from the Egyptians.

The Jews obeyed God's instructions. When they finally got to the Red Sea and crossed over to the other side they looked back and saw their captors chasing after them. Eventually the Red Sea reverted back and drowned the Egyptians. In that one scene every debt that the Jews owed was wiped out; there was no longer anyone to payback what they had borrowed. Those who had oppressed them for so long had perished.

Friend one key to enjoying God's favor is obeying His instructions. Daniel, Esther among many others obeyed God's instructions and enjoyed the favor of God. As you follow God's guidance completely there will be a manifestation of the favor of God. It's your time to be favored - Psa 102:13.

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