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Friday, August 16, 2013

Love can never fail

Scripture lets us know that love has a 100% success rate - 1 Cor 13:8. In other words love never fails. It is not possible for love to fail. God demonstrated this to us by sending His son Jesus to die in our place and thus redeeming us from the enemy. All this while man was cut off from God. The moment that we identify with Jesus' sacrifice and victory we are restored unto God. It's the God-kind of love that makes this possible.

God succeeded in His plan to redeem man because it was driven by love. What are the challenging situations facing you? What have people said is impossible for you to accomplish? Are there relationships that seem difficult or irreparable? If you would only apply and walk in the love of God that situation will turn around.

Why? One of the reasons why there will be a turn around is because walking in the God-kind of love will cause you to make the right choices; choices that are not selfish but rather bring about the best outcome. Friend remember that no matter how things appear, love never fails.

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