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Friday, February 21, 2014

Get busy doing what's important

As a child of God you are the only one who can tell others about Jesus. There are many people around you who are still unsaved. God sent His son, Jesus, to die in our place so that all men can be saved. This sacrifice is enough to cover everyone who has ever been born including those around you. Consider this: is there a reason why anyone should not be saved and go to Heaven? Wisdom says no in response to this question. So the wise thing to do is to get busy talking about Jesus.

It's always interesting to watch the response of believers to speaking about Jesus. I can contrast it with the passion with which people publicize and speak about their parties or trips to the club. However as a child of God, what we have is more valuable than anything in the world. Nothing in the world can compare to a relationship with God. It's high time that as believers we were passionate about telling others about Jesus, and spreading the good news of the Kingdom.

Scripture tells us that a wise man is a soul winner - Pro 11:30. If you are operating in the divine wisdom of God then you will see the need to evangelize. To be wise is to place what is important to God as a priority - Matt 6:33. It's time to get excited about winning souls. It's the wise thing to do!

Have an exceptional day.

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