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Friday, February 21, 2014

The right choices lead to the right destination

Every day you are faced with choices. According to scripture in Deut 30:19 you are faced with choices - good or bad. Your choices along the way help to determine where you end up in life. The wrong choices will cause you to end up further away from the right destination. However the right choices will cause to walk consistent with the plans and purposes of God. 

Divine wisdom enables you to make the right choices in every situation. Even when you are faced with situations where it is not plainly obvious what the right choice should be, divine wisdom enables you to discern the right choice accurately. In Luk 10:38-42, Jesus was visiting Martha and Mary. Martha focused on serving while Mary focused receiving the work from Jesus. Martha expressed her frustration that Mary was not assisting her. Jesus then responded to Martha that Mary had indeed made the wise decision.

Friend do not be distracted into making the wrong decision. A wise man or woman is able to prioritize appropriately. They know what to do in every situation. Make a commitment to seeking the direction of God as your prioritize. Let the wisdom of God guide you into the right decision so that you can focus on what's important.

Have an exceptional day.

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