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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Wisdom for Great Results

God has good plans for your life. His thoughts and plans are for peace and not for evil in order to bring you to that glorious future that He has already set aside for you - Jer 29:11. According to Deut 29:29 there are things that have been hidden by God for us. He intends to reveal these things to us. So the plans of God are not hidden from you. However you must play your part in order to access these plans.

In Eph 1:17 Apostle Paul prayed that God would impart the Ephesians with the spirit of wisdom and revelation. He prayed that they would have understanding beyond their natural senses. You see as a child of God you will need to operate beyond what your natural senses tell you. In order to live the life God called you to live it will take revealed wisdom from God.

Make a commitment today to dig deep in the place of prayer and meditation on the Word of God. Seek the wisdom of God, and follow the instructions and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. As you walk in the revealed wisdom of God, you will do great exploits. 

Have an exceptional day!

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