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Friday, January 4, 2013

Keys to Success (1)

Keys to Success (1) - Abide in God's Word
Jos 1:8.

When Joshua assumed leadership of the people of Israel from Moses, the instruction to Him was clear. The key to his success would lie in his abiding in the Word of God. God instructed Joshua to abide in His Word by meditating on His word all the time. In so doing Joshua would remain conscious about God's Word and God's promises.

The scripture in Jos 1:8 goes on to say that by abiding in God's Word, Joshua would make his own way prosperous and will enjoy good success. Herein lies the missing link for many children of God.

We have spent too much time waiting on God to do something when His word is clear about what He expects us to do. You make your own way prosperous and you determine your own success by whether you abide in God's Word continuously.

The concept of prosperity doesn't just refer to finances. It speaks of success, goodness, wholeness, etc. in every aspect of life. It is a reference to having nothing missing or broken.

God has packaged His Word for our deliverance, elevation, prosperity and success. The Bible says that the Word of God is spirit and life; it is full of power. In the beginning God spoke this planet into existence.

The power in His words were evident during creation. This same power backs up His written word. In order to release this power for exploits, we must remain in the Word until we come to a point of revelation. Then and only then can we on the Word, and walk in the manifestations of the Word.

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