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Saturday, January 26, 2013

You must Live on Purpose

The psalmist in Psa 139:14 expresses his awe and wonder at his creation. He acknowledges the miracle of his creation by expressing praise to God.

You see God created you and I to be unique. There are numerous details to us which are not duplicated in anyone else. This is true even of 'identical' twins.

You are packaged the way you are in order to fulfill your destiny. The reason why no two people can ever be a perfect replicate of the other is because each of us has a unique purpose.

When you truly grasp just some of the details in your creation and all the finesse it took to create each human being, you can only break out in praise and adoration to God for packaging you just right for your assignment.

Friend, you are uniquely and wonderfully made. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. God packaged you right. So go forth and live the life He called you live; live on purpose.

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