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Sunday, January 20, 2013

You are Important to this Generation

In Gal 1:15 Apostle Paul was illustrating the process of God's call. He started by saying that 'when it pleased God'. This phrase is indicative of the timing of God. The Bible says that God makes all things perfect in His time. There is a divine timing of God. God released us into our generation with this time and season in mind. There is something that each of us possesses that we are meant to serve to our generation. God chose us for such a time as this.

The next phrase that Apostle Paul used is 'separated from my mother's womb'. This phrase speaks of something that was determined beforehand. Even before you were born and before you were an idea in your parents mind God had a specific purpose for you. He said this to Jeremiah - Jer 1:5. There is no need for us to manufacture our purpose. There is no need for us to live another person's life. God's purpose for our lives is sure. We must spend enough time in His presence to download the details of the purpose for which He created us.

The third phrase that Apostle Paul used was 'called through grace'. Here He acknowledged that it is by the grace of God that we are called. God's purpose for your life is not based on merit; it cannot be earned. It is by the grace of God that we can fulfill our purpose. The grace of God is not just God's unmerited favor. It is also God's willingness to make all of His power and ability available for you and I.

It is clear from this scripture in Gal 1:15 that Paul knew the call of God upon his life. He was clear about his God-given purpose and what it will take to accomplish all that God has called Him to do. I encourage you today, irrespective of what you may have been told, God had a purpose in mind for you when He released in this time and season. Spend time in God's presence seeking to understand His purpose for your life. Then factor in His grace so that you can accomplish all that He has called to to do.

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