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Friday, October 25, 2013

Multiplied Wisdom

One of the most important ways to receive Godly wisdom is through Godly counsel. Godly counsel acts as a safety net on your path for fulfilling your destiny - Pro 11:14. In other words you will avoid mistakes and traps set by the enemy as a result of counsel received from others. Wise people realize that they don't know everything and they surround themselves with wise counselors.

Godly counsel can come from friends and mentors. This is why it is important to pay attention and to carefully select those who you allow to speak into your life. You can't just get advice from anyone. Look around you regularly, and evaluate those who are currently giving you advice. Are they suitable for your destiny?

Child of God don't take the source of your counsel lightly. This can be the difference between accelerating towards your goals or stagnating at the same level. Learn to be discerning by the help of the Holy Spirit. Permit the right people to counsel you and your wisdom will be multiplied.

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