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Monday, October 28, 2013

Wisdom and Patience

Human beings are naturally impatient. There is a spirit of impatience that is pervasive in the world. People tend to want to know everything now and to have all the answers immediately. Most times people don't want to spend the time required to acquire the wisdom needed. 

As a child of God you are called to live by faith. A life lived by faith is a life lived in patience. God will reveal things to you line upon line and precept upon precept - Isa 28:10. He will not reveal everything to you all at once because this can damage your walk of faith. You see faith is believing in the unseen based on the Word of God.

God's wisdom is limitless. This wisdom is available to you. He wants to shower this wisdom upon you. However you must be committed to walking with Him and remaining in His presence. You will not be able to download all of the wisdom that you require all at once. However along the path to fulfilling your journey God will reveal you what is necessary for every phase of your life.

Friend make the wisdom of God a priority; it is the principal thing. Remain patient as you walk with God. He will not forsake you. Rather He will reveal His wisdom to you along the way. By His divine wisdom you will rule and reign in life.

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