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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The right relationships are important for your success

God has ordained certain relationships for your destiny. You must remain sensitive to those relationships and treat them as treasure. According to scripture in Pro 13:20, if you walk with wise men you will be wise. It if you are surrounded by fools you will walk in foolishness which results in destruction.

Friend you need the company of wise men in order to fulfill your destiny. There will be times is your life when you need the right word to encourage you. Other times you will need the right word to know what to do. If the people around you or in your company are full of Godly wisdom then you can be sure that the right words will be spoken in the right situation. On the other hand if those in your company are not full of Godly wisdom, the advice that you will get will take you off course in life.

So you must choose your friends wisely. This is an ongoing process. From time to time evaluate whether those who surround you are the relationships that you need for your destiny. Your future is too important to be subject to the wrong relationships based on sentiments.

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