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Friday, February 15, 2013

Choose Your Friends Wisely

There is a company for your destiny. None of us was created to function as an island. In order to fulfill your destiny you will need to associate rightly. For example when Peter and John were released, they gathered together with their companions to pray for boldness in the face of opposition - Acts 4:23-31.

There are gifts that God has placed in others which are meant to complement your gifts. There are experiences that others have gone through which are meant to enable you avoid certain mistakes. There are ideas that others have which are meant to enhance your ideas. If you don't find your company you will miss out on all of this.

Once you have find your company you must respect those relationships. You must also ensure that you evaluate your relationships on a regular basis. Here are examples of some questions that you can ask yourself? Is there anything missing? Are those still the right relationships? Is there anyone in your circle whose relationship with you is no longer contributing to your destiny? Is there anyone in your company that you can still look up to?

According to Pro 13:20, if you are surrounded with wise men their wisdom will rub off on you. However if you are surrounded by fools their foolishness will also rub off on you. Therefore the quality of your company is an important factor in determining how much progress you make in fulfilling your destiny. So choose your company wisely.

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