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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Release the Creative Ability of God in You

Jesus came so that you and I can have the life of God abundantly - Jn 10:10. A translation says that so that we may have this life to an overflowing measure. This life is the God-kind of life. This life comes with what we need to accomplish the assignment that we have been given.

In the God-kind of life is the same creative ability that is responsible for the creation of this world. This was evident in Adam before he fell. In Gen 1:26-28 God created man in His own image, and breathed life into man. Then God gave Adam the responsibility to name all the animals. Adam was able to name the animlas by tapping into the creative ability that had been infused into him as a result of receiving the God-kind of life. When Adam sinned he got disconnected from God and his creative ability was severely limited.

Thank God that Jesus came to restore man back to right standing with God. When you and I became born again we received an infusion of the life of God in our spirits. Because of this we now have access to the creative ability of God. This ability is necessary to live out our purposes and finish the work we have been called to do. So as you go about living your purpose be conscious of the creative ability in you.

Stir up yourself in spiritual things. Be committed to reading the word, prayer and fasting, etc. As you do these you are making the creative ability and power of God available to deal with situations on a continuous basis.

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