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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Go for God's Superior Wisdom

God knows every detail about you. He knows what it takes for you to fulfill the purpose for which He created you. The best route to accomplishing all that you were created to do is the route that God has pre-determined. However in order to discover this route and the details associated with it you must be committed to developing and maintaining an intimate relationship with God.

You develop an intimate relationship with God by spending time with Him continually; during prayer, while you are reading and meditating on the Word, etc. It is in these moments that God begins to direct your paths - Pro 3:6. Another important factor in being directed by God is that you must consciously seek God's guidance rather than pursue a path independent of God.

As great as your wisdom is it is limited. God is the only source of unlimited wisdom. Allow Him to guide you into good success by yielding to His wisdom and allowing Him to guide your paths.

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