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Friday, February 8, 2013

Set Yourself Up For Success

It is going to take more than you to fulfill your purpose. God will cause you to come in contact with people who can help guide you onto the right path. But you must first recognize and acknowledge the importance of wise counsel.

According to Pro 15:22, many people will fail in the fulfillment of purpose until they are surrounded by wise counselors. You may have already discovered your purpose or you may already be walking on the path to fulfilling that purpose. Howeve there are many challenges along the way that will require skillful navigation in order to overcome.

This is where wise counselors can aid. They are able to see what you are not able to see and don't have the biases and emotional attachments that you may have. By leveraging the wisdom of counselors you are able to amplify your efforts and avoid their errors. This enables you to walk a more secure path towards fulfilling your purpose.

Ensure that you have the right mentors. Go to them regularly and share what God has laid on your heart. Pay attention to their words of counsel doing. In so doing you are setting up yourself for success in fulfilling your purpose.

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