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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Diligence and Success

According to Pro 22:29 the reward for being diligent in your business is audience with great men. This audience with great men is a representation of success. Therefore diligence is rewarded with success. The word business in Pro 22:29 refers your work or assignment. Hence if you are committed, disciplined and excellent in the area of your purpose and gifts then you will enjoy success - Pro 21:5 and Pro 10:4.

So you already have all that you need for your success in life. God created with a purpose in mind and gave you gifts that are require to fulfill that purpose. You must discover your purpose as you spend time in God's presence, and discover, develop, and deploy your gifts along the path of fulfilling your purpose. Then you will enjoy success. Your success will cause you to be in demand by great men. You will be celebrated.

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