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Friday, February 22, 2013

Hold onto Your Dream

Joseph was seventeen years old when he had a dream that He will one day be a ruler. This dream did not come into manifestation until he was thirty years old - Gen 41:46. By that time thirteen years had passed.

In that thirteen year interval, Joseph was thrown into a pit and sold into slavery by his brothers. He ran his slave masters household but was eventually imprisoned for a crime that he did not commit. In prison he was given responsibilities for leading the prison. In the same prison he met the chief baker and the chief butler. He helped both of them by interpreting their dreams.

However the chief butler forgot about Joseph. The chief butler finally remembered Joseph when no one else in the kingdom could interpret Pharaoh's dream. Joseph was then invited into the presence of Pharaoh. He interpreted Pharaoh's dream and was elevated supernaturally to be Prime Minister.

Through all those years from the pit to slavery and to the prison, in the natural, it did not seem like Joseph's dream was coming to pass. However God was working things out such that Joseph was being positioned for supernatural promotion. At every stage of his life, Joseph was being prepared to become Prime Minister.

He was developing the character, tenacity, wisdom and people skills that he will need to succeed as Prime Minister. Even though it did not look like it, every step he took brought him closer to fulfilling his God-given dream. His focus remained on God and He believed that God would do what He said He would do.

Whatever God has promised you, He will do. God is not man that He will lie - Num 23:19. He is faithful to do what He said He would do - Isa 55:11 and 1 Th 5:24. Your life may not look like your dream right now. But be encouraged and stay steadfast. Prioritize your relationship with God and believe in His word. You are merely going through a phase on the way to your manifestation. What God said about you will truly come to pass.

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