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Friday, July 26, 2013

Access the secrets you need for your promotion

God seeks a relationship with you. He desires for you to be intimate with Him; He desires fellowship with you. However God will not force you into a closer relationship with you. He gave man a will for a reason. So you will have to make a decision for a more intimate relationship with God. Any decision for a closer relationship with God must be driven by love.

However there are many benefits to an intimate relationship with God. It is in the place of intimacy that you are able to download the secrets of God - Deut 29:29 & Dan 2:19. These secrets have been kept for you and not from you. Also, when you have an intimate relationship with God, your ability to hear His voice and receive instructions is enhanced.

Jesus said that He only did what He saw His Father do - John 5:19. This was possible because Jesus had an intimate relationship with the Father. Scripture also lets us know that Jesus increased in wisdom, favor and stature - Luk 2:52. The key to His increase was His close relationship to the Father.

God wants to increase you. One of the keys to your increase is the quality of relationship that you have developed with the Father. An intimate relationship with the Father will enable you to access the secrets and instructions that you need for your elevation.

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