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Thursday, July 4, 2013

You will experience manifestations of divine favor continually

Saul was chosen by God to be king - 1 Sam 10:1,6-8,24. This was the favor of God in operation. It was this divine favor that caused him to be selected from amongst all the people for such a high office. Saul was divinely equipped to function in this office.

Something happened along the way. Saul became arrogant and began to disobey the protocol and instructions of God - 1 Sam 13:13-14;15:10-11. Saul had previously been positioned for the favor of God. Now by his acts of disobedience he had caused himself to no longer be in position for divine favor. He became disqualified to be God's chosen king. Eventually Saul's reign came to an end. He died dishonorably - 1 Chr 10:13, 1 Sam 31:1-6.

Friend even though God has promised to pour out His favor upon you - Psa 102:13 - you must still do your part to ensure that you are positioned for divine favor. You must resist going down the same path that Saul travelled. Rather be faithful and committed to the plans, instructions and purpose of God. Then you will experience manifestations of divine favor continually.

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