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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Watch as the favor overtakes you

Pride is another one of the greatest blockers of the flow of divine favor into your life. A prideful man is someone who believes that all that he has ever achieved was as a result of his labor. He brags about how much he had to sweat to get to where he is. He confidently shares stories of how he intends to toil in order to make even more progress in all areas of his life. In his stories there is a distinct lack of the mention of God's hand in his life. He is convinced that he can be successful all by himself.

Friend pride such as described above is what leads to failure and eventually destruction - Pro 18:12. The devil is an example of one who fell to pride. He had a favored position in the Kingdom having been created with great musical capacity. As the bible lets us know his downfall began once he considered that he did not need God and in fact could be at the same level as God. He was eventually cast down and consigned to eternal death.

You see rather than pride you need humility. Humility refers to your ability to submit your will to God's will, and to acknowledge God's hand in your affairs. This is what opens the door for divine favor to flow in your life. You must learn not to believe so much in your own ability that you ignore the fact that your natural ability is limited. However God's ability is unlimited. Let go of pride and subscribe to humility, and watch as the favor of God overtakes you.

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