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Sunday, July 21, 2013

You are accepted by grace

By the grace of God you are accepted in the Kingdom of God - Eph 1:6. It was by the grace of God that the Lord purchased your freedom through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus - Eph 1:7. It is because of this sacrifice that you can now be called a child of God.

God's grace doesn't end at the point you identify with the death and resurrection of Jesus, and become born again. Rather you are forever called into a life of grace from the point of new birth onward. You were not just accepted one time. You are accepted forever more. Irrespective of what you are going through or what you may have done, you still have access to the grace of God.

Child of God you are accepted by the grace of God. You must learn to accept the grace of God. Don't allow anyone including the enemy to lie to you concerning your status as the beloved of God. If you make a mistake, repent, pick yourself up and move on. As you remain in the Word of God and prioritize the presence of God, you will eventually overcome those mistakes by the help of the Holy Spirit. Through it all, you remain accepted.

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