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Friday, July 12, 2013

Your relationships go a long way in determining your outcome

Your relationships go a long way in determining your outcome. You see there are relationships that God has pre-destined for your favor. Your ability to recognize and treat these relationships appropriately is important in your path to fulfilling destiny. Conversely the wrong relationships can take you further away from fulfilling your destiny.

According to scripture in Pro 13:20, a friend of a wise man walks in wisdom while the friend of a foolish man walks in foolishness. Friend it can take an action based on wisdom to cause you to walk in manifested favor. Similarly an action based on foolishness can cause you to walk further away from the manifestation of divine favor.

You must regularly evaluate the friends that you are surrounded by. Allow God to lead you as you evaluate your friendships. Are they enabling you to walk in divine favor or are they enabling the compromise of the flow of divine favor into your life? Choose your friends wisely and you will not live a compromised life.

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