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Friday, July 5, 2013

Your gratitude towards God positions you for divine favor

Gratitude and thanksgiving are not very natural behaviors for man. In the culture of our time it is not even second nature to be grateful. According to scripture in Rom 1:21 many people know God and can see the hand of God evident all around them. However they neither acknowledge and glorify Him nor thank Him. Don't be part of this group of people.

Friend your attitude towards God with respect to what He has done for your i.e. your gratitude or ingratitude is a key to determining how much divine favor is manifested in your life. Just like a thankful or grateful son stirs up favor in his parents and causes them to desire to do more for the son. Similarly your gratitude towards God positions you for the favor of God.

As a child of God you have access to divine favor. Make a commitment today to live a life of gratitude to God. Your lifestyle of gratitude towards God enables divine favor to continually flow in your direction.

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