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Saturday, September 14, 2013

A life of love

In Matt 22:36-40, Jesus responded to a question that was directed to Him about the greatest commandment. His response was centered around love. In Rom 13:8-10, there is further clarification on the instruction for you to walk in love. It is clear that God expects you to live a life of love.

A life of love is a life of service - Gal 5:13. You see you cannot truly love another person if you are not willing to serve them. What does it mean to serve them? Serving another person means doing things for them that are not convenient for you. It means giving them preference from time to time ahead of yourself. It means doing things for others that they cannot do by themselves.

As a child of God you are expected to walk in love in every situation. Therefore you are called to a life of service. Look around you and you will find people who need a helping hand in your immediate and surrounding circles. Express the God-kind of love and step in to serve them as needed. Let the love of God shine forth through you. Have an exceptional day.

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