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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Let Love Be Your Response

God has given you the capacity to love to be like a cloak in all situations. God wants you to put on love in every situation - Col 3:14. Just like it takes effort to put on your clothes, it will take effort to put on love. Also just as you adjust your wardrobe as the weather changes you will need to adjust your love walk consistent with the Word of God in various situations.

You will face people and situations that challenge your love walk on a continuous basis. You will be pushed to the brink. Jesus said that trials will come. Thank God that He equipped us to overcome every temptation. You have what it takes to love like God - Rom 5:5.

Friend, just as you never leave home without your clothes on, don't ever leave home without putting on the love of God. Stay in the love of God and express the love of God irrespective of the situation and in spite of others.

Have an exceptional day!

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