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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Real love gives

God demonstrated His love for mankind. Even when mankind was estranged and disconnected from Him spiritually, He sent His only Son at the time to take mankind's place and die on behalf of the entire human race - Rom 5:8. Jesus did not just die on mankind's behalf but He assumed all the past, present and future sins of mankind. It was as though He had committed those sins even though He lived a life devoid of sin - 2 Cor 5:21.

God knew that in order to redeem man from the enemy it would take something beyond the ordinary - John 3:16. Right after man sinned in the garden of Eden, God set His plan for man's redemption into motion - Gen 3:15. Jesus was the most precious and most valuable thing that God could sacrifice. Jesus came to fulfill God's plan. The sacrifice of Jesus is the greatest gift ever.

You see your giving is a demonstration of your love. Giving costs you something. You cannot truly love a person and be unwilling to give out of your time, resources, money, etc. It is love that causes someone to give gifts to their spouse. It is love that causes parents to sacrifice their time for the development of their children. Friend commit yourself to a life of giving and sacrifice as you demonstrate the love of God to others. Have an exceptional day.

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