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Saturday, September 7, 2013

With the God-kind of love in expression you can't fail

Every child of God has the capacity to love - Rom 5:5. God knows the capacity of love to transform any situation and so He gave us the ability to love. It was God's love that caused Him to send His only Son at the time - John 3:16. Love was at the root of what transformed a situation that seemed impossible in the natural - Gen 3:16. As a result of Jesus' sacrifice billions of people today can declare that they are children of God.

What situation are you facing currently that seems impossible? God has already given you a blueprint for dealing with the situation. What would love do in that situation? God expects you to respond in love. Afterall scripture lets us know that love never fails - 1 Cor 13:8. If you allow the Holy Spirit to lead you through love you will not fail in that situation. Rather that situation will be supernaturally turned around.

Friend resist the temptation to respond naturally by the help of the Holy Spirit. Allow the supernatural love of God to flow freely from you. With the God-kind of love on your side you can't fail.

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