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Monday, September 23, 2013

Endless love

As a believer the love of God is the foundation upon which you grow and build - Eph 3:17. Your life in God started by love. It was love for you that caused God to offer His Son as a sacrifice in order to be reconciled to you - John 3:16. It was your appreciation of this love that caused you to identify with Christ and confess Him Lord and Savior over your life. It is the love of God that enables you to live by faith - Gal 5:6; faith in God who loves you.

The love of God is limitless, endless and without measure. As a child of God you will come to newer and more diverse revelations and experiences of the love of God. However you can never come to a point where you have compete knowledge of the love of God - Eph 3:18-19. The more you dig into the Word and the more you walk in the love of God, you realize that there is more to the love of God. According to scripture God's mercies are new every morning - Lam 3:23. Just when you think you have seen all of the love of God, He finds other ways to express His love towards us.

Friend this is the same expression of love that God is calling you to. Is there someone in your life that you have been expressing the love of God towards for some time in a variety of ways even though they don't deserve it? Are you tempted to get weary of loving them or to give up? You must dig deep and by the help of the Holy Spirit receive strength to keep on expressing the love of God. You have what it takes to love like God - Rom 5:5.

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