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Sunday, June 30, 2013

You position yourself for divine favor through your attitude

When the angel of God appeared to Mary to inform her of the good news, that she will be the vessel through whom Jesus will be born, she was initially afraid and apprehensive - Luk 1:28-29. This was a natural reaction to being told that as a virgin betrothed to a man she was going to conceive supernaturally. How will she explain this to Joseph and the rest of her family she must have been thinking.

The angel of God sought to reassure her. He told her not to be afraid because she had found favor with God - Luk 1:30. Why did God select Mary out of all the women He could have selected? Friend, Mary was positioned for the favor of God. She had the right attitude for what God was set to do through her. This is evident in her eventual response to the angel. In Luk 1:38 she said to the angel "let it be according to your word." Other people would have gone on to add doubt and unbelief to their initial apprehension.

By her response Mary demonstrated her attitude towards God and His Word. This was likely not the first time. God must have observed her obedience prior to the encounter with the angel in Luk 1, and found her to be the right candidate for favor. You see even though God has made His favor available for you, you must do your part by positioning yourself for the manifestation of divine favor through your attitude. Then you will walk in the fullness of God's favor.

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