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Friday, March 15, 2013

Develop an Image based on God's Promises

In 2 Ki 7:1 God sent a word to the people through His prophet Elisha. God's Word was that in 24 hours, there will be an abundant supply of food and that the price of food will crash. This prophecy came at a time of famine. With the natural senses it was impossible to imagine how the lack of food will be turned around to a surplus.

The king's right hand man confirmed this; he doubted God's word because it did not make sense. Thank God for the four lepers who stepped out in faith and inadvertently fulfilled Elisha's prophecy. As they approached the Syrian camp, the Syrians were supernaturally dispersed. They left their camp intact. And in 2 Ki 7:16, the Bible confirms that the people plundered the camp of the Syrians, and there was an abundance of food accompanied by low prices.

Friend God's Word is full of promises and prophecies for you and I. God wants you to enjoy the fullness of His plans and purpose. However, your ability to see beyond your natural circumstances and limitations, and to identify with God's promises and prophecies by revelation determines the level of manifestation in your life.

Start today by making God's Word your standard. Focus on what the Word of God says and the prophecies that He relays to you via His anointed men and women. Develop an image based on the Word of God, and fight (stay resolute in the Word) to maintain that image. Then you will walk in outstanding results.

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