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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wisdom For Success in the Workplace

When Jesus lived on the earth, he walked in outstanding results. In fact He was known for His results. The Bible says that His fame spread abroad and that news of Him travelled. He was simply a marvel in His generation. The world had not seen anyone like Him. Yet when Jesus left He made an interesting pronouncement. In Jn 14:12 Jesus said "Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father".
You see it is God's desire that we walk in outstanding results wherever we are located including where we work. In Jn 14:12, works is from the Greek word ergon which speaks of works, deeds, acts but also refers to business, employment, that which any one is occupied, and any thing accomplished by hand, art or industry. It refers to miracles, signs, wonders and healings.
It is clear that Jesus was not just referring to greater works at church meetings, afterall, He went about doing good in the midst of the people and was not confined to a building. Some of the many miracles that occurred in Jesus' ministry included multiplying food and turning water into wine. He solved material problems supernaturally. This same power is available for you and I in our place of work.
One of the keys to Jesus' outstanding results was wisdom. He spent so much time in the presence of God that He was able to download specific instructions from God for every situation that He faced (Jam 5:19-20). The manifestation of the wisdom of God in His life was evident to others (Luk 2:52). It is clear that the wisdom of God will cause you to produce solutions that others have not been able to produce; it will cause you to perform at a higher level. This will draw the attention of others.
Another man who walked in divine wisdom was Joseph. Joseph brought the influence of God to bear upon the assignments that Potiphar gave him. As a result he produced superior results (Gen 39:1-4) and began running Potiphar's house. In prison Joseph observed what was going on, and then he was inspired by God to offer solutions. Eventually he began running the prison (Gen 39:20-23). By the wisdom of God Joseph knew to package himself for his defining moment. By divine wisdom he shaved before He showed up in the presence of Pharaoh (Gen 41:14). By divine wisdom Joseph was promoted. When he became Prime Minister he succeeded by divine wisdom.
The Holy Spirit is the source of divine wisdom. According to Dan 5:13-14 the king recognized Daniel as a man of wisdom. He went on to acknowledge that the Spirit of God was in Daniel. In Isa 11:2, the Holy Spirit is described as the spirit of wisdom. Furthermore according to Job 32:8, the Holy Spirit provides divine inspiration. The Holy Sirit will clarify things for you in your place of work or business. I declare that issues that others find confusing will be clear to you.
So how do you position yourself to walk in divine wisdom?
1. Release your faith for wisdom. Ask for wisdom (Mt 7:7-8).
Build your faith for it based on the Word of God. Solomon knew that wisdom is the most important thing (Pro 4:7). He asked for wisdom when God gave him a blank check (2 Ch 1:7-12). As a result he became a reference point in his generation.
2. Place your trust in God.
You must trust absolutely in the wisdom of God and not rely on your natural, sensual wisdom (Pro 3:5-6). Natural wisdom is limited but divine wisdom has no limits (Pro 14:12).
3. Inform yourself.
Daniel was committed to developing and informing himself. He read and studied. (Dan 9:2). As a result of his personal development he was ready to assume the roles that God caused him to be promoted into. You see if you have not developed yourself and your gifts then you will be unable to fully capitalize on the wisdom of God.
In 2013 make a commitment to do whatever it takes to access the wisdom of God. The wisdom of God will be the difference maker in your career and/or your business. As you walk in divine wisdom, you will enjoy outstanding results.

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